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Tips for Keeping Your Power Tools Last Longer

Jun. 07, 2024

Tips for Keeping Your Power Tools Last Longer

While power tools need to be well maintained, it is crucial to choose a good power tool. 黄瓜视频 is a Manufacture who has been developing and selling power tools for decades. It has its own independent factory and can provide a wide range of power tools. Hundreds of molds have been developed to provide a variety of products for different markets.

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OK. Let's talk about what problems may occur when using impact drills, how to use them correctly, and how to repair and maintain them.

The correct use of impact drills:

① Before operation, you must check whether the power supply is compatible with the conventional rated 220V voltage on the power tool, so as not to be wrongly connected to the 380V power supply.

② Before using the impact drill, please carefully check the body insulation protection, auxiliary handle and depth gauge adjustment, etc., the machine has no loose screws.

③ Impact drills must be loaded according to the material requirements of φ6-25MM between the permissible range of alloy steel impact drills or perforating general-purpose drills. It is strictly prohibited to use the drill beyond the range.

④ Impact drill wire should be protected, is strictly prohibited all over the ground to prevent rolling, cut, not to mention the wire dragged into the oil and water to prevent oil and water corrosion of the wire.

⑤ The use of impact drills must be equipped with power sockets leakage switch device, and check the power cord is not broken phenomenon, the use of impact drills found in the leakage, vibration abnormalities, high heat or a strange sound, you should immediately stop working, find an electrician to check and repair in a timely manner.

⑥ When replace the drill bit, the use of special board hand and drill locking key, to eliminate the use of non-specialized tools to hit the impact drill.

⑦ When using the impact drill, remember not to use too much force or crooked operation, beforehand, be sure to tighten the appropriate bit and adjust the depth of the impact drill ruler, vertical, balanced operation should be Xu Xu even force, not forcibly use the oversized drill.

⑧ Skillfully grasp and operate the smooth and reverse steering control mechanism, loosening and tightening screws and tapping and other functions.

Multi-function impact drill common failure repair:

1. Electric hammer motor does not run after connecting the power 

① Reason: the power supply is broken; repair method: repair the power supply of the impact drill.

② Reason: loose joints; repair method: check all the joints.

③ Reason: switch poor contact or inactivity; maintenance method: repair or switch.

④ Reason: armature or stator coil burnt out; repair method: replace armature or stator coil.

⑤ Reason: stator coil broken; repair method: if broken at the outlet, it can be rewelded and used, otherwise it must be rewound.

⑥ Reason: Brushes are used up; Repair method: Replace one set of brushes.

2. The electric hammer makes an abnormal sound after being powered on and does not rotate or rotates very slowly.

①Reason: The switch contacts are burned out; Maintenance method: Repair or replace the switch.

②Reason: The mechanical part is stuck or the moving and static parts are rubbed against each other; Maintenance method: Check the mechanical part.

③Reason: The drill bit bites or touches the steel bar; Maintenance method: Stop moving forward or choose another drilling position.

④Reason: The armature or stator coil is burned out; Maintenance method: Replace the armature or stator coil.

⑤Reason: The armature is short-circuited or open-circuited in a small amount; Maintenance method: Repair or replace the armature.

⑥Reason: Chips are stuck when drilling deep holes; Maintenance method: Pull out the drill bit to remove the chips.

⑦Reason: Low power supply voltage; Maintenance method: Adjust the power supply voltage.

3. The motor rotates but the drill bit does not impact or the impact force is weakened

①Reason: Dust and impurities are stuck in the piston sleeve, causing the air hole to be blocked; maintenance method: clean the mechanical part and clear the air hole.

②Reason: The O-ring on the impact piston is damaged or worn; maintenance method: replace the O-ring.

4. Overheating of the impact drill gearbox

①Reason: Lack of grease in the gearbox or dirty grease; Repair method: Add or replace grease.

②Reason: The transmission part does not match well or debris falls into the interior; Repair method: Check the transmission part or remove impurities.

5. Excessive heating of the impact drill housing surface

①Reason: The impact drill is overloaded or the drill bit is dull; Repair method: Reduce the impact drill load and sharpen the drill bit.

②Reason: The winding is damp; Repair method: Dry the impact drill winding.

③Reason: Improper assembly makes the armature inflexible; Repair method: Check whether the impact drill armature is stuck or rubbed against the core.

④Reason: The power supply voltage drops; Repair method: Adjust the power supply voltage.

6. Ring fire or large sparks on the commutator

①Reason: The impact drill armature is short-circuited or open-circuited; Repair method: Repair the impact drill armature.

②Reason: The impact drill brush and the commutator are not in good contact; Repair method: Make them in good contact.

③Reason: The surface of the impact drill commutator is not smooth; Repair method: Remove debris and make the commutator surface smooth.

Electric drill maintenance and care:

①Since the impact drill uses double insulation and has no grounding (zero connection) protection, special attention should be paid to protecting the rubber-sheathed cable.

②When carrying and moving the electric drill, you must hold the handle of the electric drill and do not drag the rubber-sheathed cable when moving.

③The rubber-sheathed cable cannot be rolled over by wheels or stepped on; prevent rats from biting.

④A professional electrician should regularly replace the carbon brushes of the impact drill and check the spring pressure.

⑤Ensure that the overall body of the impact drill is intact and clean and that dirt is removed to ensure smooth movement of the impact drill.

⑥Professionals should regularly check whether the various parts of the hand drill are damaged, and those that are severely damaged and cannot be used should be replaced in time.

⑦Timely replenish the body screw fasteners that were lost on the body during operation.

⑧Regularly check whether the bearings, gears and cooling fan blades of the transmission part are flexible and intact, and add lubricating oil to the rotating parts in time to extend the service life of the hand drill.

⑨After use, the hand drill should be returned to the tool library in time for proper storage; do not store it in a personal tool cabinet overnight.

Warm tips: impact drills in general can not be used for the use of electric drills. First, because the impact drill is not easy to grasp the direction of use, easy to misoperation, the opening of large holes; Second, the drill is not sharp, so that the hole opened is not neat, burrs or cracks; Third, even if there is a conversion switch on it, but also try not to use for drilling, unless you use a special drill for drilling wood, but due to the speed of the drill is very fast, it is very easy to make the opening of the hole in the black and make the bit heated, which affects the service life of the drill bit.

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