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Corded Angle Grinder Supplier

We manufacture and supply Lithium-Ion Angle Grinders and AC Angle Grinders. As one of the leading power tools manufacturers in China, PWR TOOLS can win your trust with our strength. 

In terms of export: our annual output value is 70 million, and we have cooperated with customers including Amazon e-commerce, dealers, wholesalers, etc.; in terms of design and quality: we have our own design team, quality inspection, and the accessories we purchase also undergo Incoming Quality Control. Our Corded Angle Grinder also has battery aging and functional testing, in which the batteries use from Sunshine at the top of the industry.

We also have professional customized services and after-sales services to help customers build their own advantages and achieve a win-win situation.

Why Choose Our Angle Grinders?

Quality and Durability

Our power grinders are built to last. Crafted with premium materials and advanced engineering, they deliver exceptional durability even in demanding working conditions.

Versatility for Various Applications

Whether you're cutting through tough materials, grinding surfaces, or polishing edges, our electric grinder offer versatility to handle a wide range of applications with ease and precision.

Safety Features

Our grinding machines come equipped with advanced safety features, including protective guards, ergonomic designs for comfortable grip, and enhanced stability during operation.

Performance and Efficiency

Experience the power and performance of our disc grinder. Engineered with high-speed motors and efficient mechanisms, they ensure fast material removal and efficient operation, saving you time and effort.

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Strong Factory Quality Assurance

Ensure that the consistency and stability of each product exceeds that of competitors

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Partner with PWR TOOLS for Your Power Tool Needs

As a reputable angle grinder manufacturer and exporter, we understand the importance of delivering reliable products and excellent customer service. When you choose PWR TOOLS as your supplier, you benefit from:

  ■   Competitive wholesale pricing for bulk orders

  ■   Timely delivery and efficient logistics support

  ■   Dedicated customer support to address your inquiries and provide assistance

  ■   Custom branding options for OEM and private label requirements, large quantities are more preferential

  ■   Adequate inventory: 1 million + standing stock

  ■   Cooperate with multiple platforms and multiple certifications, worry-free exporting

Discover the Difference with PWR TOOLS Today!

Enhance your reliable grinding solutions with our versatile angle grinder for various applications. Join our growing network of satisfied importers, wholesalers, and brand owners in the world. Contact us today at info@pwrtools.com to discuss your power tool needs or place an order.

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